Tubemate for Apple iOS

Tubemate for Apple is one of the splendid apps which allows you to view various thrilling videos on YouTube, Vimeo and several other network areas.

Tubemate for Apple iOS

Tubemate for Apple iOS

It is the most relevant apps providing free access in downloading of videos and allowing to play millions of YouTube Music to a greater extent. With the accumulation of this Tubemate App, you can very well attain the access of exploring millions of free and premium music tracks inclining to various familiar music in your own country to a much greater extent. Furthermore, as per the review of the customers, Tubemate for Apple device is quite an astounding one which enables you to hunt various unlimited music tracks absolutely free of cost. And thus, through the accumulation of various music tracks you can obtain a non-stop functioning of numberless YouTube music tracks directly on your Apple device without any issues in losing a penny.

On the contrary, this app is especially to all those people who want to stay connected with a huge number of familiar playlists and YouTube channels of music in it. On the other hand, this Tubemate app is fully established on YouTube music which will fabricate to obtain the music outside the YouTube app, even though if the screen if the device is off, the app will continue to play the music in the background model. In plain words, you can now manage the music playback even with a lock screen is opted in it. Nevertheless, this app even obtains in it a bit of video streaming standard and swift mode. Besides this, it is all about attaining the download of Tubemate for Apple device and accumulating full pleasure with the YouTube music that all have been waiting for.

Unique Features of Tubemate for Apple:

1.       Tubemate app reinforces all new devices such as iPhones(6, 6s, 5, 5s) and iPads as well

2.       This app acquires the download of videos very swiftly even when you are dealing with a slowest internet connection

3.       With the Tubemate app by you side you can include upto 10 videos and you just need not wait for the other ones to end up

4.       The background mode permits you to function with various other tasks on your Apple phone when the videos are being downloaded

5.       Users can very easily select the format and quality of downloadable video in it with the formats such as avi, mp4, 3gp and so on

6.       Same as Tubemate, Tube Free aids in halting and restarting downloads when the net connection declines


As noted above, Tubemate for Apple is quite an impressive app which is extremely speeder than various other apps. Therefore to captivate the installation of this app on your Apple device, gently swipe on the app store of Tubemate app and enjoy the extreme usage of this app to the whole extent without any worries.


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